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Our company offers comprehensive advice on the completion of production, packaging, food, and sale machinery, as well as provides professional service. Our offer is addressed to clients from whole World. We use warehouses in Europe and the United States to improve our operations. Each of our offer is specially dedicated to the customer’s needs and personalized for a specific product. We modify, we complete, we implement, we train.

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We have been working in the industry of automatic production lines and packaging machines for over a dozen years. We guarantee our clients the highest level of professionalism resulting from many years of experience in lean manufacturing. The vast knowledge of the company’s employees, combined with comprehensive expert assistance, gives us the opportunity to present the use of manufacturing tools, as well as the selection of equipment specifically for individual needs. Our goal is to find the best solutions to improve the work of each client. We use automatic systems but also single compact devices. Packaging lines and manufacturing production lines – we provide advice, modifications and instructions. Excellent solutions for the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, chemical, food industries, etc. We work directly with our factories which guarantees our clients a good purchase! We do not mediate. We offer a wide range of products. Especially popular among semi-automatic machines are: foil sealing machines, hand impulse sealers, bag closing machines, vacuum packaging machines, sacheting machines, shrink tunnels, cellophone machines, blisters, tapes, labelers, dispensers, date stamps, induction closing machines, lockers, washers , steam tunnels for labels, skin packs, weights, squeezers, peelers, numbering machines, tablet presses, grinders, drying ovens, tubbels, tablet counters. All machines have the appropriate certificates and have passed the necessary controls to bring them to the market. Customer care, the ability to carry out tests, attractive prices, individual approach – these are the advantages that distinguishes us from the competition.
In addition, we also offer warranty and post-warranty service for production and manufacturing systems.
We are one of the few companies in the industry that also offer parts for the machines offered for sale. As a result, in the case of depletion of a specific component we will propose its replacement.

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